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Thanks Michelle.  Proud to say I applied for full licence today after passing my driving test first time.  This could not have been possible without Michelle's professionalism and ability to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel.  She is very patient and understanding whether it be with the theory or practical side of driving.  She is very helpful when it comes to arranging times for lessons. Couldn't recommend a better person to teach you how to drive.  Thanks again Michelle! Aidan Hickey
I got lessons from Michelle after i failed my test. After only a couple of lessons with her i got rid of my bad habits in my driving and had a lot more confidence in my own driving. I passed my test and would have nothing but good things to say about Michelle's driving lessons. Thanks Garreth Foley
After so many years of driving lessons and different instructors, I thought that's it I am never going to pass my driving test and was thinking of giving up until I found Michelle. She showed me simple and easy ways to remember the most important things when driving. She helped calm my nerves. She is understanding, calm and most important has great patience. Michelle helped me achieve what I thought I would never do pass my test! Thanks so much Michelle. Edel Burke
I never had much interest in driving. I was too nervous just thinking  about it. On my way home at weekends I used to see the sign “Lose the L with Michelle” and said to myself here it goes and I decided to book lessons with Michelle. Best decision ever! I didn't know the first thing about how to drive and was so nervous but there was no need Michelle put me at ease straight away she is so patient and understanding. She starts you on country roads and before you know it you are skilfully manoeuvring around the towns. She is a fantastic driving instructor full of positivity and encouragement even though you might have had a terrible lesson where nothing went right. It's all thanks to Michelle that I have my full driving licence. Áine Wallace
Michelle brought me from a nervous beginner to a confident, fully licensed driver in a matter of months. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone, beginner or otherwise. She is patient, friendly, very good at keeping you at ease in every situation and her knowledge of test routes and driving techniques is very extensive. I felt 100% prepared for my test and passed first time round. If you want a dedicated, professional and efficient driving instructor who is capable of preparing you for your test in a short amount of time, Michelle is most definitely the driving instructor for you. I can't thank you enough Michelle, I’ll be recommending you to every learner driver I know! Bríd McMahon
Michelle was extremely patient and knowledgeable and a pleasure to learn from ( unless you were giving cheek!) and I would recommend her to anyone. A great teacher and lovely person. THANK YOU Jack Waters
What can I say that hasn't already been said? There is no way I would have passed my test without Michelle. She is without a doubt the best driving instructor in the south east. She is always so helpful and has a smile for everybody...even when your driving isn't at its best!! She never ever gives up and pays particular attention to your weak points and makes sure you can over come them and never worry about them again. I wish her all the best in the future and I will be recommending her to everyone without any hesitation. Craig Collier
I put off learning to drive for so long that my friends and family began to despair of me ever getting behind the wheel. I even began to believe I would never drive...and if I did that it would always be something I would hate doing. Finally enough was enough, I swallowed my fear and began the search for an driving instructor. I found Michelle. Straight from the get-go Michelle put my nerves at ease with the car and the road. Her patience and strong tuition style helped me to question and understand all the aspects of driving, other road users as well as my own place on the road. She instilled a confidence in me that I thought I would never feel sitting behind the wheel of a car. I am delighted to say that I now love to drive and use any excuse to go for a spin. Two months and five days after first sitting into the car I passed my test. There is no doubt in my mind that it is down to Michelle's faultless teaching style. Thanks so much and I will be recommending you to any learners I meet in the future. Sara Mullally
Michelle is one of the nicest,calmest (until you do something wrong) and friendliest people i have ever met. she is an amazing driving instructor who never gives up on one of her puples even when they fail. she will never lie to u and is always optimistic. i will always be thankful to her as she never gave up on me, and helped me pass my test. thank you Michelle. Samuel Turner
Michelle, I will be forever praising you. Michelle has a gift for any person seeking to become a safe consistent driver. Your patient manner but expert training. Highly recommended to anyone seeking lessons that are nervous. Not just an excellent driving instructor, an understanding friend. Thank you so much. Anna Murphy
Michelle's driving school transformed me from a nervous driver to a confident one. Michelle is a brilliant instructor, who doesn't give out to you and make you feel stupid when you do something wrong instead she explains what you did and repeats it till your confident that you can do it. I found my lessons to be structured well with a mixture of everything and Michelle kept me calm through out them. Before i did my test i was confident that no matter what came up during the test i would be able to handle it. I would recommend Michelles driving school to anyone who wants to become a confident driver and pass their test. Thanks Michelle for everything, a few months ago i would never had thought i would pass my driving test but thanks to you passed it first time round. Michelle Carolan
After receiving both beginner and pre test lessons from Michelle I couldn’t speak more highly of her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody in the future. She was an excellent instructor and made me feel at ease immediately. I was extremely nervous about learning to drive and had given up twice before. Michelle made me feel comfortable at the wheel and confident. She gave me the encouragement I needed to stick with it. I began driving in May and I am delighted to say that I now have my full licence after my first attempt. I found Michelle to be flexible, determined and dedicated to wanting her students to pass and I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you so much and best of luck in the future. Claire Power
I can whole heartedly recommend Michelle as a driving instructor, particularly for those who are nervous, or whose journey to becoming a driver has been a bit long and torturous (like me!!). Michelle has an infectious motivating attitude and even on days you feel unsure of yourself, she manages to get you feeling like it's all possible again! Her lessons are well organised and her explanations are simple and clear. I've experienced two other instructors before her so I know this is true! She goes over your weak spots time and again so by the time the test comes round you feel so confident. I started driving in earnest in mid. January, and met Michelle around February. I sat my test for the first time in May and passed first time. You need to put in the practice to get the result, but you also need a good instructor. Go get Michelle!!! Hazel O' Brien
I really never thought I would drive a car never mind pass the driving test. When I sat in the passenger seat I was always afraid and never thought that day would come when I would be behind the steering wheel. Now I am able to drive with confidence thanks to Michelle’s driving school. This has boosted my moral and given me a great feeling of independence. I am a very nervous person, your calmness and consistent good humour, always put me at ease before the commencement of each lesson. Thank you for your skill, patience, kindness and understanding. I wish you the very best of luck in the future. Rita Makarova, Wexford
Whether you are an absolute beginner, or are looking for pre-test tuition, I highly recommend Michelle’s Driving School. In the space of a couple of months, Michelle transformed me from being a reluctant and nervous learner to a competent driver who passed the test first time round. Michelle is very informative, encouraging and personable in her teaching approach and tailors each lesson to instil practical knowledge and confidence in her students. It is solely down to Michelle’s dedication and expert tuition that I reached test-standard and passed in such a timely manner. For anyone seeking to lose their “L” you would be hard pushed to find a more genuine, accommodating and considerate instructor. Jamie Power, Waterford
Just under two months ago, the thought of driving anywhere filled me with panic and fear, i was terrified of everything on the road and had no confidence in myself. I started taking Lessons with Michelle and found her to be beyond patient, she often spent her own time calming me down, before and after lessons, i can safely say there are not many instructors out there like her. Today i passed my test first time, i can still hardly believe i\'m the same person i was a few months ago. Although passing my test was my ultimate goal, i gained so much more than a license with Michelle, i gained confidence and belief that i can do it. I really could not recommend her highly enough, Lose the L with Michelle, it says it all. Emma Jane O Connell, Wexford
I have and will continue to recommend Michelle as a driving instructor. I passed my test first time and I have no doubt that it would not have been possible without Michelle's guidance. Michelle is a very patient instructor with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of driving procedures but more importantly she teaches and explains every manoeuvre with ease and simplicity. I had only been driving a short while before taking lessons with Michelle and I had never reversed around a corner and my parking skills let's just say were non-existent - her methods of teaching are clearly effective. I had only one week before my driving test and Michelle worked extremely hard during those days and was particularly flexible with various meeting points to suit me. Not only did I pass my driving test but I have become a more competent and confident driver and for that alone I can't thank Michelle enough. She is a brilliant driving instructor but moreover she is a kind and friendly person who would make anyone at ease in her company. Thank You Michelle Deirdre Upton, Waterford
Michelle is an excellent driving instructor I would recommend to anyone! She is a genuine & friendly person who is very patient & clear in her direction. She was extremely accommodating in arranging suitable times for lessons. I had never driven in a town before and was only driving on small country roads I knew well before I went to Michelle's Driving School just one month before my test. With a few lessons my confidence was up and I passed with flying colours on my first attempt! I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone who needs some help, whether its to train you from beginning to end or just to help you brush up on the extras before your test. She certainly wasn't messing when she said "Lose the 'L' with Michelle" Colette O'Donoghue, Wexford
I passed my driving test in Waterford in March 2011, in the weeks preceeding my test I completed a number of lessons with Michelle. Without the guidance and instrucion of Michelle I would not have been successful, of that I am sure. I do not particularily enjoy driving, and with other instructors I have found lessons to be draining and stressful. Michelle has a lovely pleasant and calm demeanour and made every lesson instructive and informative. She is very patient and has a knack of giving advice and making corrections in a manner that does not feel like criticism. I benifited so much from her tuition, not only did I pass my test, but I feel I am a more confidant and safer driver. Michelle not only explains how a manouvere is to be done but why. Her knowledge of the test route and what is expected during the exam is spot on. Michelle genuinely wants her pupils to be successful in their driving test. Michele is very flexible in scheduling lessons and is such a lovely person. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. Joanne McCarthy, Waterford
I lost my L with Michelle !!. Friendly yet very professional she has a natural talent for teaching which i found very helpful. Passing a driving test the first time can seem very daunting but with her help it was like having the help of a friend rather than a stranger and together we achieved a very good result. I would highly recommend her to anyone and wishing Michelle and anyone reading this continued success and best of luck with your driving test. Preeti Leacy, Wexford
I would highly recommend Michelle as a driving instructor. She is very kind, patient and thorough, covering everything you need to know about the test. I could not have passed the test without her help and I did much better than I expected I would. I am sure that this is down to Michelle's help and guidance. I couldn't have asked for a nicer or better instructor! Thank you so much Michelle and best wishes in the future! Ann-Marie O'Doherty, Waterford

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